The Challenge
Taking Back Childhood, One Lily at a Time

The biggest challenge that the Lily’s Pad organization faces is to find the perfect location where the best cleaning strategies can be implemented to create a safe playspace.  Necessary funds to open the doors to Lily’s Pad are estimated to be $250,000. That’s a lot of money for one family to come by! Inspired by a local restaurant and bar (Bogey’s), a grassroots fundraising campaign was born.  Last year, Bogey’s came up with the idea to help Lily in her treatment plan by selling paper lilies at their establishment for costs varying from $1 – $25 each. In a few short weeks, they were able to raise over $500. The fundraiser sparked an idea.  What if the funds for this playspace could be raised with the purchase of just one Lily, one person at a time?

The “One Lily at a Time” campaign is a fundraiser designed to bring the community together to build this playspace conjointly.  If 100 businesses sold 100 lilies for just $1.00 each, it would generate $10,000. Just imagine if 100 business instead sold their lilies for $5.00 each!  We would easily have $50,000 and that would go a long way toward opening costs! All funds generated will go directly to the development of Lily’s Pad. The challenge is on and the countdown has begun!  Progress towards this goal will be tracked at

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Please join in our quest to build Lily’s Pad “One Lily at a Time!”
Reach out to for details or to participate.