About Al

Al Taylor
CEO, Co-Founder

Fact #1

Dad of 2, Grandpa of 4 and Great Grandpa of 2. 

Fact #2

Retired police lieutenant and retired CEO of Special Moments Catering.

Fact #3

Strong believer in community development, charity support and volunteerism.

About Al

When Al discovered that there wasn’t a place for his granddaughter to play because her immune system was too weak from chemotherapy, he vowed to find one.  He visited local kids play places and advocated for cleaning protocols, even if just for one day, that would allow immunocompromised kids a chance to get out and play.  As his efforts brought up no quick solution, he joined forces with his son, Brad, and daughter, Dawn, to form the nonprofit of Lily’s Pad in 2019.  


Al’s career started in law enforcement as a police officer for the Tempe Police Department.  He served as the downtown lieutenant until he ended his career to dedicate his time to the family’s catering and event business.  Al served as the CEO of Special Moments Catering until the business was sold in 2020.  He owned and operated Pier 54 restaurant in Tempe, Arizona for 7 years and spent many years as the President of the Tempe Police Foundation.  He has dedicated countless hours to nonprofit boards across the Valley and gladly accepted the role of CEO when Lily’s Pad was formed.   

Al provides direction and leadership to the staff and volunteers of Lily’s Pad on a voluntary basis, helping to keep operational costs low.  His expertise in business management and creative problem solving has helped Lily’s Pad move through the permitting process and raise needed funds to begin construction.  He says he is motivated by the desire to make the world a better place for families dealing with children in medical battles.  “Our family is blessed by Lily’s recovery and victory over cancer.  I know that not every family is that lucky.  If we can provide joy and distraction from the pain of medical battles, I will consider my work at Lily’s Pad a big success.”