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Retail Partners

Gift of Play
Retail Partners

Become a Retail Partner

From bar owners to mechanics, our retail partners have been helping us reach more people than we could ever have hoped for.  By giving us a forum to share our story, you can help us to raise funds to give the gift of play!

How The Campaign Works:

  1. Determine the timeframe for your campaign.  The generous spirit of the holiday season makes December a great time to host a campaign! However, anytime is a good time to sponsor play!
  2. Fill out the Campaign Kit Request Form below. Our staff and volunteers can deliver to any locally run organizations. Other arrangements can be made for out of area retailers.
  3. Set up your campaign. Put our poster up, set out the marketing materials and educate your staff.
  4. Start selling! It’s truly your choice on how much you charge per “gift” but we recommend $5.00 each.
  5. Post the Gift boxes! Write the donor’s name on the provided line and hang them on a wall to promote awareness of the cause and your campaign.
  6. Conclude your campaign. Once you have completed your campaign, let us know. We will return to collect any materials you didn’t use and your donation. 

How To Make Your Campaign Even Better:

  • Share your campaign on your social medias and tag us @lilyspadaz. We would love to share and promote your campaign as well.
  • Use the “Gifts” as entries into a drawing. When your campaign concludes, draw a name from the participants and offer a prize. Get your suppliers involved and ask them to donate the prize.
  • Create your own hand-made posters to help share your involvement with the campaign.
  • Have a contest with your employees to see who can sell the most “gifts”.
  • Send emails to your distribution list and share our website. Invite customers in to your establishment to buy a “Gift” and support your campaign. Be sure to include us in the email distribution list so we can share your campaign as well!


 Please tell us the name of the company that will be participating. Please note we can only deliver to companies in Arizona and within a set radius of Lily’s Pad. If your company falls outside of these parameters, we can provide you with alternate ways to participate in the campaign.