DEMO VOLUNTEER NEEDS: The following needs will require skilled and in some cases, licensed professionals. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss the scope of work.

  • Floor Grinding and Preparation
  • Plumber willing to provide direction for sawcut and relocation of piping
  • Sawcuts and trenching
  • Removal and Disposal of electrical gear on concrete pad behind facility
  • Removal and Disposal of existing AC and Swamp Units on roof

In addition to our construction needs, we also have several other opportunities for volunteers to get involved. The following are some of those needs. Please note all activities would be done at the volunteer’s own location as our space is under construction! Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss the activities available!

  • Sewing and Stuffing Bean Bags
  • Assembling Craft Packs to be included in Live, Laugh and Play Packs
  • Providing peer support to other parents of immune compromised children
  • Printing and/or copying of Instruction Pieces for Live, Laugh and Play Pack
  • Website updates and upkeep
  • Data entry


Please fill out the form below to indicate your desire to Lily’s Pad. All volunteers participating in demo activities must be willing to sign a liability waiver. All non-construction volunteer options are available for offsite complete.

If you are able to provide us with skilled, professional experience, please indicate what you would be willing to provide here. We will email you to discuss the scope of work to determine if it is a good fit for you!
Please note all activities will be done off-site at the volunteer's discretion with agreed upon timelines.
Tell us your story! If you would like to assist other parents in navigating the world of immunocompromised lifestyles of children, please give us a brief description of your experience. We will use this information to help match parents with another parent who has been through or is currently dealing with similar circumstances.