About Elaine

Elaine McCombie
Board Director

Elaine McCombie

Fact #1

Mother of 5 awesome kiddos. Also, mother to a couple dozen or so employees (and they keep multiplying!)

Fact #2

Owner of the most welcoming sports bar in Tempe for 14 years.

Fact #3

Best friend to a 3-time survivor of cancer.

About Elaine

Elaine is the mother to five wonderful, healthy kids and a grandmother of two. While she has not had the challenge of having a child with an immunocompromising condition, she has experienced the loneliness of being left out of play as a kid. Her best friend had leukemia at the age of 10, and then again at 16. Elaine spent many months visiting her in the hospital to keep her spirits up and to try and give her a feeling of connection to the outside world. Let’s just say…there are endless stories of shenanigans that will outlive the two of them from that time!

When approached to become a part of the Lily’s Pad Board, Elaine did not hesitate. In her words, “I was THRILLED to join! Finally, a place where kids can play and connect! Best part is the parents won’t be holding their breath and following them around with sanitizer wipes. A hyperclean play space for these kids is an absolute Godsend!”

Elaine brings with her years of experience of managing a business in this community and her network is wide. She has held countless fundraisers for various causes and is always willing to help those in need. If you ask Elaine what she brings to Lily’s Pad, she says, “it has been suggested that I talk a lot… so, that is my role. I bring awareness to our community about this fantastic facility and hopefully we can raise the funds to get it open and running ASAP.”