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Why Hyper Clean

Hyperclean Play!

At Lily’s Pad, we understand that parents of immunocompromised children are constantly weighing the risk versus reward of taking their child to play in public spaces. We know that you may have a child who is lonely, bored and eager to experience the many joys of childhood that they are missing out. And we know that nothing would make you happier than to give them those joyful moments. Our facility was designed to let you do just that! Lily’s Pad offers a low risk, but high reward, opportunity for play to families with immunocompromised children.  Our “hyperclean” space focuses on cleaning and health safety protocols that minimize the risk of infection while maximizing the many rewards of play!

What Makes Us Hyperclean?

Customized Air Filtration

Our HVAC system was custom designed to meet code for the immunocompromised. Fan Filter Units with HEPA filters will be used to provide the same level of clean air as that of a hospital clinic. Humidity control, an air scrubber and air quality monitoring systems will keep germs and bacteria to a minimum. By ensuring that the air is clean, we can help stop the spread of germs through the facility.

Approved Materials

In a partnership with Dr. Debra Harris of Baylor University, all building materials were approved for their safety in health design. Everything from the paint to the furniture has been chosen with cleanliness in mind. The flooring in our actual play space allows us to provide a safe landing zone for kids at play but also allows us to clean and maintain it safely for years to come.

Cleaning and Protocol

All visitors need to be symptom free and temperature checked prior to entry. Shoes are exchanged for socks that we provide. Our play sessions are by reservation only and the number of children and caregivers are limited to prevent crowds. Cleaning between every play session and constant deep cleaning provides a fresh play space every time!

Donate Today

All donations, no matter how small, are truly appreciated and will only go to helping families and children suffering from immunocompromised conditions.