Read About Lily's Pad in the News

Channel 15 Interviews Lily!

February 28, 2023
Channel 15 interviews Lily and cofounder, Brad Tayor, about the upcoming opening of Lily's Pad

Our Sign at Night!

Channel 10 Shares Construction Updates

January 22, 2023
Channel 10 shared the updates of the new space under construction for Lily's Pad

Interview by Cronkite News

March 22, 2023
Madison Vega shares the story of Colton Buckrucker and the vision of Lily's Pad

Interview with Stories of Hope

October 13, 2022
Christine Hotchkiss interviews Lily and Brad Taylor to learn more about Lily's journey and Lily's Pad

Featured on Conversations with Catherine

June 19, 2022
AZ Republic shared the news of our lost (and found) location.

Interview with Arizona Republic

June 5, 2022
AZ Republic shared the new of our lost (and found location)

Featured on Good Morning America

September 28, 2021
Lily's Pad featured on Good Morning America

Featured on Channel 15

August 10, 2021
Lily's Pad featured on Channel 15 News when Lily received a $50,000 donation from Discover.

Featured on Channel 15 News

October 15, 2020
Lily's Pad featured on Channel 15 News.

Featured on Channel 12 News

April 25, 2020
Lily's Pad featured on Channel 12 News.

Featured on 102.5 KNIX

April 24, 2020
Lily's Pad on 102.5 KNIX. View the live stream.

Featured on Baylor University

March 4, 2020
Lily's Pad coverage from Baylor University.