Wish List

Wish Lists

Play Pack Supplies

We are preparing Play Packs which are distributed to local hospitals and clinics to provide outpatient immunocompromised children with laughter and play TODAY! If you have access to any of these supplies from a different source, we will happily accept those items as well. 

Party Supplies

Help us provide some “normal” to the lives of children celebrating birthdays and other milestones while undergoing treatment. The amazing staff at Banner Children’s at Desert uses our donated wrapping paper and party supplies to create special surprises for kids at the hospital and clinic.  

Admin Wish List

As we fundraise and coordinate building efforts, there are many administrative and behind-the-scene expenses involved. Your donation of these items provides double the impact! It makes it possible for us to continue our efforts with no out of pocket expenses AND it allows us to use our funds raised for build-out instead of these costs.

Tomorrow's Needs

As we get closer to starting construction, we will soon update with lists for building materials, in-kind sponsorship requests and volunteer labor needs. Once our facility is built, our needs will change again and we will update with a wish list of toys and other play pieces. Please check back!

Donate Today

All donations, no matter how small, are truly appreciated and will only go to helping families and children suffering from immunocompromised conditions.