man carrying a mountain

Mountain Moving

As I sit down to write this blog today, my head is spinning. This has been an incredibly busy week for me and the rest of the Lily’s Pad entourage. My email box has never been so full and my to-do list seemed to keep getting longer by the minute. My mind is racing as

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cracked concrete

Time and Pressure

Have you ever watched someone fall from a distance? Your kid maybe on the jungle gym? Or a friend who misses a step on the way down the stairs? If you have, you know that moment well. How your stomach seizes and you try to lurch from your chair to prevent the inevitable. How everything

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Keepers of the Flame

Humor me for a moment and let me paint you a picture. Journey with me to a quiet forest. Imagine a little stream running past. Hear the water flowing and feel a cool winter breeze on your face. In front of you is the start of a campfire. It’s in the beginning stages where the

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Ready to Rise

For a good five or more years, my husband and I hosted a New Years Eve party at our house. We had two teenage girls and a five year old son at home…there weren’t a lot of options for us. The girls were too old to be babysat and in no mood to be babysitters

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Lily at Organ Stop

Transforming Moments

Every once in awhile, amidst the quiet confinement of Lily’s immune compromised life, we would get a reprieve. Her counts would rise and she could come out of quarantine. Well, kind of. Basically, she would get to live the way most of us are living today. Socially distanced, hand sanitizer at the ready and with

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Enduring the Wait

Just about every day, I walk or jog the same two mile path in my neighborhood. My little trail takes me around a small little park and playground while winding me up and down several familiar streets. The first half is pretty fun. The scenery changes frequently and there’s always something going on at that

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Lily at the hospital

Passing on the Giving

It was December of 2017 and just days before Christmas. Lily had been sick off and on for weeks, months maybe. The spike in her fever is what drove my brother and his wife to take her to the hospital. They feared pneumonia or some severe respiratory infection. They anticipated meds, a possible overnight stay

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